We help Amazon sellers and brands perform at their absolute best on  That means staying ahead of the curve and be ready to respond to Amazons ever changing selling platform with best in class work created by industry professionals who eat, sleep and breathe amazon.


Passion is the driving factor in what we do at AMZCG. We hesitate to call ourselves an “agency” and much prefer to look at our clients as partners. These days it’s incredibly hard to offer a one stop shop for all the possible needs that arise when selling on amazon.  It seems like every time sellers feel caught up with what programs amazon offers sellers, they introduce a new one.  This can be extremely daunting for sellers who often have full time jobs in addition to selling on amazon.  This is where we come in. We have been selling on amazon and managing seller accounts for a variety of brands for over 10 years. When there is a new program or initiative launched by amazon, we are first in line to participate and offer it to our clients. We help our clients get a better hold of their amazon businesses by providing the analysis and expertise you need to understand the elements of efficient e-Commerce and manage costs that erode your profits. Unlike a cookie-cutter Amazon FBA courses our team of experts entail a program specifically around your business needs that way you are no longer second guess if you are on the right path.

So much goes into running your amazon business that it’s easy to lose sight of if you are even running a profitable business in the first place.  We can help you determine your profitability and make actionable judgments based on your business goals. Perfect execution and strategic optimization of product data ensure that your brand is protected, and your products are surfaced to shoppers at the most relevant times. Because you can’t make the sale if your product isn’t found and knowing almost 70% of purchases come from page one of search results on Amazon, it’s pretty easy to see why you need your products on page one. We have a talented and highly curated team and one of our biggest strengths is our industry wide contacts.  We know which aspects of Amazon selling take a level of expertise we don’t have, and we have built strategic partnerships with professionals that we know are the absolute best in the business for those areas.  We focus on the areas we know we excel in-house, and partner with a few selected professionals for things we couldn't do better in house.



PHOTOGRAPHY: Image is everything. Nothing could be truer on Amazon and shoppers are known to not even read the body of a listing if the photo shows them everything they need to know.  While it’s true you must be ranking for your keywords and have compelling content, a picture is worth a thousand words so you want the best Amazon product photography for your listing. 

LISTING OPTIMIZATION: One of the most important factors in your success on Amazon is how well your listing is optimized. You need to include relevant, high traffic keywords that are descriptive of what you sell in your listing and title. Most sellers think that is where it ends but there is a backend to amazon that includes several fields that need to be populated with the correct search and browse terms in order to be fully optimized.

PPC CAMPAIGNS: Advertising on amazon is essential to the success of your amazon business.  Competition is stiff on Amazon and the best way to get to page one and in front of buyers.  We can help you create an advertising strategy for Amazon PPC no matter what your goals and budget. 

A+ CONTENT: Adding A+ Content to your listings provides a better buyer experience, increases customer engagement and has been shown to boost sales and conversion rates by up to 15%.  Our expert team will help devise the best Amazon A+ content for your products and can help produce new creative assets in order to make it stand out.

VIDEOGRAPHY: Video is one of the most undervalued areas on amazon.  You should have a video on every product page in your image block and below the fold in the related video shorts area.  We can help you create new video content and properly utilize consumer generated content to your advantage on amazon.

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: We work with sellers in whatever capacity best suites their business needs. We can evaluate and make best practice recommendations, but you are in control of how much or how little we are in your account on the day to day. We work together with you to formulate a plan that affords you the peace of mind to know your FBA business is good standing and being monitored for compliance at all times.

PACKAGING / BRANDING: This is a key component of your products impact on buyers.  Great logos or packaging can make or break your product.  There are many factors to consider when designing packaging and we have seen far too many sellers learn the hard way they are either not in compliance with labeling rules or if they had just made their package a half an inch smaller they would have saved $2 in fees per product. Let our knowledge of compliance requirements and FBA storage fees paired with our graphic design expertise help guide your way to a great final product and custom private label.

3-D RENDERING: Look at any #1 seller in Health and Beauty or Supplements and you will notice that the image jumps off the page.  3D rendering is often what’s needed to take a plain and simple packaged product to the next level.  This is something that not every seller does, but they should.  3D images truly set your product in a class above the competition and the proof will be directly obvious in your sales. 






Whats the point of creating amazing art, advertising, and listing optimization for clients that don't share your philosophies about competing on Amazon in 2020 and on?  Fortunately, our clients understand and trust us enough to be their safari guides through this ultra competitive e-commerce landscape.  We have become a valuable tool for them and likewise them for us. We thank them for their trust and ongoing partnership through this Amazing journey.


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At AMZ Consulting Group, we have an exceptional team of consultants with expertise in various areas of the Amazon sales channel. We’re committed to solving complex business challenges using the latest technology, ideas and data resources, combined with our creative and collaborative strategic approach.  We eat, breathe, and sleep Amazon and are current on all things Amazon.

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  • 3-D Rendering

With a background in motocross, product design and entertainment advertising, I am now the creative director of AMZ Consulting Group.

My responsibilities are the creative assets of our client's Amazon listings from A+ Content to high quality digital videos. In short my job is is to make sure that the listings showcase their products as effectively as possible while using all of the tricks that Amazon will allow.

We have incredibly talented artists on our team that work as a cohesive team to yield great results.

Take a minute to see for yourself.

Britt hails from the school of a self-made self-starter. She's taught herself everything there is to know about the ins and outs of the Amazon marketplace.  There is no course you can take that teaches you the things she knows. If you ever hope to compete in the ever-expanding Amazon landscape then you need someone like Britt to watch your back and keep you current on the ever-changing Amazon landscape.

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